Project "Scan your world" is in BETA mode. That is why sometimes some flaws can occur. But mostly there is no data loss included.
Here you find some more useful information about things you may encounter using the mobile App.

As mentioned - we are still in projectmode. So things and quirks can happen.
Tell us what you feel and need and wish and we will provide you with feedback when integrated.

The mobile App is for creating a virtual representation of your environment which you can then share with others. For example when you want to communicate with your electrician to put a new power outlet on the wall - just scan, draw or put a note and share.
To scan we use camera and LIDAR sensors and optimize by using our very own mathematical and AI based algorithms.

The distinctive features of our app in relation to other apps is that we all compute on the phone - so no data is shared in a cloud - and we use our very own optimized models.
The mobile app is currently only available for iOS.

The project 'Scan your world' is a project initiated by devpoint - the agile company and its nearshore offer ALoHA


The mobile app enables you to scan your environment in 3D with the camera and lidar sensor of your iPhone. The received data is processed and a 3D image is created which you can then either browse in the mobile phone or in your desktop app. The file is per standard saved in .obj file which you can process in any given 3D software program.

You can also store the file directly over the phone in your storage of choice. As well as you can directly share it with the standard share functionality.

Additionally to that you can put notes in the 3D model on the place you want (PRO). This then is sitting at the place where you put it and you can show e.g. some other person what to do in this place - e.g. put a new lamp or change the color of the power outlet :-)

It does not end there: you can also measure point-to-point in the 3D model as well as measure 'around edges' - meaning e.g. you have a shelf which you want to measure not only height but also depth. Surface following measure is the means to that (PRO).

You can also draw in your scanned 3D model and show for instance how a lamp should be put. Or just draw something on the wall.

"Scan your world" is not expensive and many of the features you can still use for free.
Although it is in first version we think some functions are real value add and you can support us in developing more and better functionality by taking a paid plan. We are all self financed and don't have any foreign capital or investment.

Free use enables you to scan, create the model and save / share.

The PRO features include among others the surface following measurement, note taking, drawing and a smoothener for export and more.

And that all for only €66.99 for 12 months - that is 27% off of the monthly fee of €6.99 per month.

The plan can only be paid in the app over Apple AppStore. The currency of your choice is calculated dynamically based on the current available conversion.

"Scan your world" ist in in first version. Meaning we are open for your ideas and inputs to share. Just send us your comments, ideas or any inputs either on the contact form or in the whatsapp-chat integration below on the website here.

And you can always reach us too on our other sites devpoint.org, agile-locale-hub-approach.ch, wimasy.com or skimo.io

We have a youtube playlist which will be encompass more and more features here: >>youtube-link
Just ask us if you need more help or support. We will prepare also a 'How-To' documentation for viewing in the app as well as downloadable here.

If you want to know more you can also always contact us on the whatsapp-button below or on the contact form.

Currently we only support Apple devices.
Please use at least an iPhone12 or newer. Please also think about your space when scanning. You can store the files you created in iCloud or every other place you wish.

The comparison between the features can be seen on the page here: >> Feature comparison.

If the app lacks a feature please let us now by contacting us.

We've already identified some new features which we will add step by step into the app.
Also we are a bit dependent on Apple OS regarding the interfaces to sensory output and its qualities.

That said - our roadmap you can see on the Roadmap page: >> Roadmap