Scan Your World

Full Screen.
Or more immersive - Around you.
Be the bubble.

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Main Scantypes





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Main scanning modes

Full Screen

Feel the power of your screen. Walk, scan with an easy. See through scanning of your environment with quality control of the image. 
The unlimited experience of 'Scan Your World' mobile app for you.
It is fast, easy and secure. No strings attached. No cloud needed. Privacy guaranteed. You share to whom you want.


The mobile app on your iPhone is your environment scanner.
Put notes, draw in space and share where you want.
Even better: All computation is taking place on the phone.
No strings attached.

Sphere scan

Concentrate the power of scan to the object or area of your desire. That is what this scanmode is for.
Easy applicable. As always - tap and command. This is our credo.
The sphere only scans what is inside of the sphere defined in shape, width and placement by you.

Project 'Scan Your World' helps
you to interact with others based on your 3D created surrounding.
Fully privacy secured and no data shared.
Faster than ever.

Bubble scan

The bubble around you defines what gets scanned. So it's like you beeing a radarstation with the scanning going on around you pointing the phone.
The bubble is you. You are the bubble. Walk the bubble. 


Proudly built with ALoHA

The software and hardware development with locale hub in Switzerland
Better, faster and more effective projects for you!
Project "Scan your world" is brought to you by ALoHA which is an offer from devpoint - the agile company.