Features coming soon

We are constantly building on new features for the mobile App. 
Our common goal is to make the app better and better and more accurate release by release.
Feel free to contact us either over Whatsapp below or over your contact form.

App Stabilisation

Create even better and more stable scans and working on more stable running. Optimize memory management and image creation / build creation.

Smooth subdivide

To create an even better result editing the scan further in other programs we will provide this feature. Better placement, easier editing and more power to your scan.

Capture Optimized Scan

The normal scan is already a great feature. The optimized scan is even better. Go back and scan a defined area again if you are not content with the result.

Wall Coloring

Virtually paint your walls in view in the color you want. Open the app and choose your color. Lets you see what you really ever wanted. Fun but for builders also very practical.

More Features

Implement a stack of features for you to support your flows even better. Also together with an innovation for even more easier collaboration.

Your ideas

If you have an idea - let us know. We will give you at least one year for free when we implement the idea. Contact us.

PROJECTNAME: "Scan your world"

Scanning in privacy

Create stunning scans of your world without cloud.
On your iPhone.

Proudly built with ALoHA

The software and hardware development with locale hub in Switzerland
Better, faster and more effective projects for you!
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