Feature comparison

Project "Scan Your World" already has an extensive set of features to offer.
And soon there will be more and the list will grow. 
Below you find a comparison of the features for each plan - free and paid. Paid plan is monthly or yearly.

FeatureFree versionPaid version
Open Viewerxx
Isolated Scan - Sphere-x
Isolated Scan - Bubble-x
Live Mode
(special transparency mode)
- x
coming soon*- x
Restart Sessionx x
Start Scanxx
Build Modelx x
AR Viewx x
Share- x
Model Galery-x
Take a picture-x
Measure - Surface following- x
Measure - Linex x
Measure - Line strip- x
coming soon- x
Add Note- x
Drawx x
Go to Viewerxx
Live Mode- x
coming soon*- x
coming soon*- x

* may be subject to later releases of the app and is included in the paid plan.

View in Action

Scan Your World is a on device calculating 3D scanning mobile application. Data privacy guaranteed and built in. We do not share any information or collect any personal information about you. Our app is Beta phase and we ask you to support us by getting the paid plan - you support us and the innovation behind it.

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