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PROJECTNAME: "Scan your world"

Scanning in privacy

Create stunning scans of your world without cloud.
On your iPhone.

Three modes of use

Interact with the world you see or scanned.
Use of some modes may be only accessible with a PRO paid fee.

3D Model Mode

You scan then build the model on device, live and with no strings attached. Then you can interact with your model on the device. Draw, note, measure, area definition and many more.
You can save your scans and also share them.
You define to whom.

Live Mode

The coolest mode. Your phone screen is like the viewport to create notes, drawings or other stuff directly in the space in front of you. Mixed reality so to say. This mode helps you find stuff again or just to remind what you want to do. 
Still stays on your phone. Always. We only work on device.

Optimized Mode

The screen shows you scanned points directly and also the quality. You can always go back to a certain scanarea and make a new scan. This lets you optimize the calculated model even more. 
Some of us call it the "pet mode".
Why - find it out...

The world is yours to scan

Scan your world




Scan it, build it, share it.
Note it, measure it, live in it.
All on your device.

The world is not always the world

Scan partially

You define what you want to scan. We do the rest.
All on your phone in full transparency.
No hidden calculation on a cloud.

  • Scan only what you want
  • Define width, size and placement
  • Walk around
  • create partial model
Your world is note-worthy

Notify in your world

Scan and note in your 3D space

Taking notes in the 3D space is easy. You scan, build the model and then place the note. That easy. It stays there and you can also save the model and share it if you want. Together with the note.
By the way. Project 'Scan Your World' has also a 'transparency' mode or live mode where you can even put the note in the world directly and share it.

What you can do with it?


Scan the are which you are interested in with your phone. Create a 3D Model of it and move around in it.


Measure lenghts in the scan either on surfaces or also around edges. Our solution recognices these for you.


Create notes on a specific place in the scan and put it up. So you can either remember yourself or for others.


Share the scan with others and also the notes so e.g. your electrician knows what where to put.

Price and Plans



Really free*

Get hooked by the free version. You can still do a lot.

iPhone App (11 and up)

data security

world scanning

session model galery

unlimited building

around-me scanning (bubble scanning)

length measuring

* No strings attached


€ 66.99

27% discount on monthly plan

Use all the features of the mobile app for you - now and forever.

ALL features from free plan


measuring around corners

area measuement

defined area scanning

add and share notes

Save, Load model

and more functionality for you (comparison sheet)

plan can be stopped every year

more than 25% discount on monthly plan

* Billed as yearly (auto-renewal)


€ 6.99

Stay flexible

Go for the monthly subscription.

Same functions as yearly

but paid monthly

plan can be stopped every month

* Billed as monthly (auto-renewal)

For an informative list of all the paid vs free features click here >>> 
Prices may vary due to automatic currency conversion.

Project "Scan your world":

We are Beta - and are keen on your input Stay informed >>

Some examples

This are examples directly put from the screen. No edit.

This is only the beginning of the journey into the virtual space realm. There will be more coming in 2021

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